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[Al-Baqarah 2: 216]

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Celebrating the differences>>Interkuliah 2010

~Game played, friends made..We play and make friends, be happy and enjoy the game..There are lots of thing that can be learned throughout games.~

This is the very last year I involve in Interkuliah Sports Carnival in IIUM Kuantan. Starting from I was in year 1, when Nursing family was less than 100 students, my friends and me tried so hard participating all the games. Luckily, all of us enjoy them well by making some achievements to be proud of.


First grouping with ALLHS and MEDIC provided us a very tough way to become the winner of the group. Opposing MEDIC was very tough and all sweats were pushed out, where most of my 'teammates' were in the team..You girls were great..

Defeated by Sciences in final game dissappointed me a bit because I thought it would be a very 'fight' game, yet, it was not. I did accept the reality that we were the 1st runner up, and it would be a thing to be remembered, final game needs qualified or experienced umpires..Not to look down Nadiah and And, who were the umpires of the game, but, you girls need to learn lots more yar!!Love you and thank you so much..

I am glad meeting and having you girls as my teammates...Dayan, Aton, Chepon, Azie, Tasneem, Farhah, Nad, Pija, Yan, Ayunizma, Nadiah, Ana, Angg, Hana Miechi, Tipah, Farah, Intan, Munirah, Farhana and whoever has played with me, I thank you all lots for giving me trust to play with all of you and learn so many things.

And our netball team creates lots of achievement inside and outside the IIUM..The utmost thing I am proud of us is our ukhwahh..We never scratch or got scratched by each other, like no others.. I do really appreciate this team spirit. Gonna miss you all friends!


I started playing this game since I was in sem 2 year 2. I used to hold the stigma that volleyball is such a boring game and it is meant for soft lady and gentle man. And obviously, I am totally wrong. Volleyball needs more brain function and emotional stability despite of physical powerness and team works.

Playing with K.Rihe, K.Yana, K.ZAhirah, K.Wani, Jibah, Rehe, Medic Seniors, has given me so much memorable lessons, not merely about games, but also about Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Never Giving Up, and many more. Involvement of staff also teaches me how to play and communicate well with them. Enjoy at par with respect should always be there.

Losing in grouping level in the recent Interkuliah gloomed my day..I felt guilty to my excited and spiritful Nursing teammates. Yet, luckily, I realized that there were great teams in my grouping which were Medic and ALLHS team. They fought well, therefore they deserved it.

Volleybal is my second game and I do love volleyball as much as I love netball..In volleyball, I learn how to be soft yet correct, how to be strong yet accurate, how to be calm yet excited..Wonderful game is it?

Netball and Volleyball. They are two different games and I learned lots of different things from both..


I am not meant for this game I think. I had tried to learn playing this game in my 2nd year, and also have my own jersey of basketball, but, it is not really into me..I just can play for fun.

For this interkuliah, it was shocking me that we manage to go to final. Personally, I just aimed for bronze medal. In final, the over-excitement drove us crazy, playing like mad, and we were even not able to 'brake' our body from leanig and pushing the oppenents from Medic team. I was disappointed with myself and what make me feel more depressed was we were playing till Maghrib..Therefore, I promise myself not to play basketbal again, coz I feel basketball is not meant foe me..

To Medic team, you girls are great players. You deserve to win the game and I have no doubt about it. I just would like to seek an apology for the hardship we gave. Hope, those will not affect our Medic-Nurs relationship because I believe we will create a great Health Care team together. Sorry ye for every single things..<3

To all other games..

Congratulations to all the athletes. Winning or losing is never the first thing to look upon, the 'other' things that developing us are those to be highlighted. Strengtening the brotherhood and sisterhood, knowing each other and so many more..

Last night, IIUM Kuantan Interkuliah Sports Carnival 2010 was officially closed. The ceremony was held at auditorium of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy attended by Tn.Hj Azmi, Ust. Ali, Bro. Danial, Bro Asri and ahtletes from all 6 KBS. It was a wonderful ceremony. Yet, my heart was not there..

That was the only closing ceremony I have ever attended without bringing along my heart and my love of sport there. Initally, I intended not to go, nowever, thinking if it would be my last interkuliah, I forced myself to show up. Arrived nearly 9pm.

Starting with "Raja Lawak' slot by mr Prog Manager, 'Forum Perdana' and tazkirah by Ustaz Ali, inspiring words of wisdom by Tn.Hj Ismail, multimedia presentation and prize giving ceremony, soothing a bit of my uncomfort feeling. Sciences is the overall KBS champion..Congratulations..Necessarily, I need to enjoy the closing bacause it would be my last closing ceremony of intekuliah in IIUM, Kuantan.

My dear brothers and sisters..
Special Thanks to  all the supporters..We are not alone..~Berlapang dadalah~
Sorry for everything and I just never intend to hurt anybody. For those who win, winning is not everything, for those who lose, losing is never mean nothing..It is always a part of Sunnatullah...~From Him we come and to Him we return~

"dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya”

[Al-Baqarah 2: 216]

fiey ahmad
Gonna miss these moments

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