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~ I wish I could make people smile and make them know how beautiful life is. Just a plain me, seeking His bless worldly and hereafter.~

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lessons from Mental Health Nursing

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The second paper of final exam semester 2 2008/2009 is done..*sigh with smile (=*

Mental Health Nursing, 3 credit hour.Mental health nursing is the speciality of nursing that cares for people of all ages with mental illness or mental distress, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression or dementia. It also includes many more behavioral disorders which related to the brain. It is grateful to learn all those things even sometime it causes me headache.

Alhamdulillah. I managed to learn a lot of things from this course and the most significant one is 'appreciate what we have now and make them worth '. Allah gives us lots, healthy body and healthy mind..And of course, they are not for nothing..

For this course, i am required to do two weeks clinical posting at psychiatric ward and psychiatric clinic. I have finished it last week at Wad Dahlia, HTAA. It is a wonderful experience being there. On the first day, my tears almost drop from the edge (terharu dan sayu). Most of them are schizophrenic, manic, bipolar and many other mental illnesses. And most of them, they do not choose to be like that and some said they don't ever realize what they had done during attacks, thats how the illnesses work.Errmm,the illnesses are also created not for nothing..There is always a reason for every creation.

Throughout the two weeks, I enjoyed having time there, it was different from the other wards..Less procedure, less work, less tension..The most enjoyable part was the rehabilitation program, where I played volleyball with those people almost everyday. Huhu..Feeling good..What I had learned from there, respect is earned, respect others to be respected.*smile*
And a main part of Nursing role here is therapeutic care* (will be discussed soon).

errm.. how lucky I am kan? But why recently I felt so depressed, sad, tired, angry...all those mazmumah thinngs..I was in a very negative state..Feeling like I just want to go with the flow, tiring of thinking so many things..Complicated..I felt bad for couple of weeks..Doing thing aimlessly..Never calm inside..Hmm

But HE still love me, and always do (kan Ria..)..Still giving me chance to live this life by making me think what do I live for..Seeing from a different angle of mentally ill people, I find beautiful lessons for me..I have to do so many things with what I have now and do appreciate them wether they are joyful or painful, as along as I accept them well, they will be meaningful..Then, I found my point of returning to my aims and goals by many ways..Thanks ALLAH, for granting me what I need and please always be with me, and don't ever leave me without Your bless and forgiveness..I am no one without You.

p/s: I am in learning process. I'll try to give my best, and I am happy for any comments and suggestions from all. Thanks ;)

Monday, March 30, 2009

A plain me..

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Its me..

This is the first time i post my entry in my very new blog..I wish i could share and benefit other people with what i have..Then , blog is one of the ways, perhaps, insyaALLAH..

I truly grow up as a negative person. Negative.. My life brings me up so. Previously, I used to regret with my life, yet it changed fortunately in the middle of my age..

Now, I appreciate almost every part of my life. It gives me lessons and built me as I am now. One of my friends said, its ok being negative, thats the true me, thats my character, as long as I can handle it..

I used to see every good thing happened to me actually was not for me. It is for another person, but it happened to me just as a test (probably)..I didnt really enjoy it as i feared of giving hope to myself, then it will be damnly pain when I lost it.. Thats among the reasons why I am so...negative...denial...insensitive..

Afraid of losing things i love..
Afraid of loving things which are not mine..

My friend further said to me, there is a way to subside the negative. It does not promise a success, yet I can put a try, then it is up to me. It somehow sounds like this..

"When you get something good, you deserve of it..try to give back to the other people so they can get something good they deserve also..even just like holding person's hand to cross a road..then you will feel good..making other people deserve your kindness..then, you will feel deserved for what you have.."

They are really meaningful words...

Then, I further realize..Life is so wonderful..With its beautiful colours..It is how we explore and appreciate what we have in our life..I wish I could explore it more..