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Monday, November 29, 2010

CSSS ~ 2 weeks completed

Alhamdulillah..Praise be to Allah for HIS Kindness and Mercy

After finishing week by week in Recovery Area and Dayward, today is also my finishing day in CSSS (Central Sterile Supply Service) officially , hehehe, I was actually unofficially released 3 days ago by staff nurse in charge there..

Here,for the first few days, again I was struggling exercising my tiny cutie hand nerves and muscles during packing soft dressing (e.g, Plain gauze, Raytex gauze, abdominal gauze). I felt like hand-numb after while, ye la, doing packing thingy non-stop, to improvise pack shape, to write down sterile and expiry date with marker, all manually ya..That's why I do thankful for this experience, for at least I can experience the feeling of staffs in CSSS and people working at manufacturing  factory as well..

Then, I was exposed to sets of instrument that usually used in OT. If to be counted, there are more than hundred sets kept in CSSS but their usage will of course be according to need and requirement.

Haaa, here you are, Hafizah...Let's get doing with those instrument with lots lots lots of people name which are 'pelik-pelik' one (semua orang nak bubuh nama kat instrument ni kenapa eh??) Huhuh, quite challenging but really interesting..

Allis Thom artery forcep
Bryant forcep
Mc Indo forcep
Gillies forcep
Kocher artery forcep
Mayo scissor
 Metzenbaum scissor
Iris scissor
Kilner scissor

That is just forceps and scissors part....

Sean Miller Retractor
Langenback retractor
Doyen retractor....
haa, guess what this Doyen is used for?

Ohhh, just cant list down everything here..There are more numbers of instrument to be memorised...Being placed in CSSS is a very good planning strategy for beginners like me. Oh, actually nobody will force you to memorize everything, it is you yourself who determine whether you wanna remember it or just past through the placement period just like that...For real, it is not surely that we gonna use all those instrument during our period, sooner or later, but I just do wanna appreciate what I have today, the Knowledge, as much as I can..

Instead of self-forcing, I gained among my most valuable lessons in life from CSSS..They are lessons of life..

Be In Other's Shoes

CSSS is just a small area to do everything about supplying people in hospital sterile items. Not only arranging  and packing, yet they do all sort of works to the extent of making tampon by themselves..I am sooo impressed with them. May Allah bless those people who do the noble work behind the noble jobs of delivering healthcare.

They do washing, heating, auto-claving, packing, and many things to state here, just four or five of them sometimes. There are so much workload but they still wanna make a cheerful environment to reduce and avoid tension while working, and I was happy when I was with them.

When people are so keen to teach you yet you already know the things, and they are from lower level of education from you,  and they treat you like you know nothing and they know everything...What Say You? What You Really Gonna Feel?

hohoho, I can bet for sure every of us have gone through this situation..So, what are normally our responses? There is no doubt that, there will be uneasiness feeling towards the way they treat us,  but kena la cepat-cepat chase it away, do self-persuading, they are just like us, we are all the same, we are never better than them. There are things that they know more than us, then why not we try obtain as much as possible and give what we have as much as we could. The peaceful feeling will suddenly fill the emptiness left by uneasy feeling right now.

Do always remind ourselves, working life is everything without boundaries, nothing without control.

Nobody will supervise you all the time to keep telling you what is wrong what is not, do this dont do that, a big NO-NO for that...YOU are the one who will bring yourself, who control the environment around you, who can influence people surround you. All you need is your FAITH in working Lillahi Taala, the purpose and the aim of working is BRIGHT and CLEAR, if not you will end up one day with job dissatisfaction and frustration and tiring mind and body all the years. Even if we dont get what we want, it never mean we cant give the best of us, it never mean we can stop learning and start giving up. God knows the BESTEST we ever thought.

wherever whenever whatever........Allah always got something for us.

fiey ahmad
let people dont know what really happen inside..=)

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  1. gud luck,jd nurse mbr sku sorg ni.hahaha