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Friday, December 3, 2010


Out of thousand of jobs in this huge world, why NURSING..

Let me story a bit, about my past time, about how I get involved in Nursing..

For the God sake..I never ever ever dream to be involved in Nursing, never imagine myself in a white or any color of nurse uniform. Nursing never come across my mind until my second last semester in IIUM Matriculation in 2005 I guess.

After every-semester-trials of putting myself in Medicine and Pharmacy course with RM 50 per request (RM50x4=RM 200),( I didnt want Pharmacy pun actually, huhu..)I finally had to decide between two courses which were Allied Health Science (Allhs) and Nursing. Oh, I was in Biological Science since the first day there which I didnt have problem with it.

Why I wanna jump into other course?

I love SCIENCE..And I love MATH too..I love both of them fair and square, but finally I chose science (which was actually only one offered to me) haha..But, I felt that something did not fit me. I love medical knowledge more, I love knowledge about our human body system and health knowledge more. But, I was not lucky at all. I was rejected everytime I appealed and I was given a choice whether to join Allhs or Nursing. The only reason I was rejected by IIUM Matriculation management, was I got A2 for my Add Math and Phsyic in my SPM 2003..hehe (tu la orang suruh belajar rajin-rajin tak mboh)..

I did not think deeply that time I think..haha, then I made my choice to pick Nursing. And the only, sole, mere reason I chose Nursing instead of Allhs was Nursing is the second line in medical part I thought.... I thought  I am not going to be the same like the 'misi-misi' those days, I thought I will work differrently from them. (yela, mana tahu ada nurse special-special sikit..Buta pengetahuan am masa tu)

Let me laugh a bit more..hihihihiiihihihihihihihihihihi (gelak sopan sket)....=)

Haaa..!! Do you see how 'KENTAL' I am to get into medical field..

I just dont know what I was thinking 5years ago, why not Pharmacy, why not Allhs, why not Bio Sc also..All of them are also in medical field..

"tapi Ayah, nurse ni orang paling dekat dengan doktor..boleh tahu pe yang doktor tahu juga.."

That was my answer to my late Ayah when he completely disagree with my decision. He was just so disappointed when he knew there was no way for me to be a doctor. And as usual, I  was always  the winner of the battle with Ayah when it came into making decision (oh, rindunya kat Ayah). He just needed to accept and adapt with my decision..hehe..

Why NURSING, fiey??!!

The first reason is already stated above. I thought it was the sole reason for me to be in NURSING.However,   lots more reasons come afterward,

I love to be in Hospital
I love dealing with patient
I love the art in Medical
I love the KNOWLEDGE so muchhh....

but the MOST SIGNIFICANT one is..

ALLAH choose me to in Nursing...Allah choose Nursing for me...

The phrase I keep telling myself when I was depressed badly, down to earth, angry like hell, disappoint terribly, mad crazily....My besties Nawa, Jaja, Kay, and Muni always told me the same when we were sharing stories and moments.

"Kami sentiasa percaya Allah pasti ada sebab pilih kamu jadi nurse..Kami percaya tu"

Thanks, gurls, for being there always for me. I also wanna believe that...

There were moments I questioned myself why stupidly I chose nursing before, there were times I told myself I can actually be far better than I have in Nursing, there were periods I regret things I went through during main campus life, and later I did realized, I was actually acting so arrogant, big-headed, 'macam bagus'...Ohh,  I am a stupid slave who is questioning her God for everything her God gave to her.. I quickly realize, that I have soooooo muchhh things since I joined Nursing.


I have no doubt at all, that I do appreciate Medical knowledge I have learned in Nursing even they might not be at par with Medical doctor's knowledge, Pharmacy's knowledge or any other medical partners' knowledge. Yet, I do confident that I can gain as much understanding as they do if I seek, read, ask, learn, the  knowledge..I also deeply believe everybody can do the same because knowledge belongs solely to nobody and it is solidly belonged to Allah s.w.t and Allah provide and offer us for free.

 “Is then one who does know that, that which has been Revealed unto you from your Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) is the Truth, like the one who is blind?  It is those who are endowed with understanding that receive admonition...!”  (Qur’an, 13:19-24)


I didnt even know what nursing is before, as I mentioned above, I am gonna be like no other normal nurses. I mean I'll do anything else than normal nurses do and I also dont know what..Hehe, rupa-rupanya, we are all the same..All nurses are the same. We do nursing job and I felt in love in nursing thingy during my clinical posting. I felt in love in low class job and disgusting job like cleaning people's buttock, bathing immobilized people, feeding needy people, dressing nasty smelly diabetic wounds, playing volleyball with mental people and so much things nice to be remembered.

I do always believe nursing job is a great noble job. Same goes to any other jobs that benefit people in any ways. Great job is when you work efficiently and effectively helping and contributing people and noble job is when you put your heart in everything you do in serving needy people..So, it is us who make it great and make it noble..

In fact, we are just a normal human being, and it is normal to feel bad sometimes. We have to control it cause we control the variables and decide the outcomes kan..

tak bermakna kita belajar nurse kita kena jadi nurse,

tak semestinya kita tak jadi nurse kita tak leh apply ilmu nurse,
tak semestiya kita jadi nurse kompem kit akan jadi manusia paling baik dan succesful..

Allah knows best!!!

I just dont know for how long I can still be a nurse, but what I know, I wanna enjoy and feel these moments as much as possible.

Life is all about learning process..Everytime everywhere we go, we'll always need to learn to adapt..We decide what type of people we wanna be..

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "For him who adopts a path of seeking knowledge, Allah eases the way in Paradise, and Angels spread their wings for the seekers of knowledge, being pleased with his occupation, and all that is in the heavens and the Earth including the fish in the water, ask for his forgiveness. The learned are the heirs of the Prophets and the Prophets do not leave an inheritance of dirhams and dinars, but only of knowledge. He who acquires knowledge acquires a vast portion." (Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi)

fiey ahmad
Currently, I am a nurse 


  1. i got c3 in physics and c5 in chemistry.. Allah knows best and i'm sure u'll be a great nurse.. i'll always admire nurses job..and u'll make this profession proud because of who u are.. keep on doing what u do best and maybe one day u will tell all doctors that they are not the most superior in this medical profession.. everyone is the same, we work together as a team and we deserve respect from each other..

  2. thanks aimir for those wonderful words..

    u are the one who also can break the barriers in nurse-doctor and other health care providers, I have faith in that..

    sometimes people seems they dont care, yet, they actually do..but, what to do, lots of people like to think and blame to preserve theirs rather than think what other people feel..

    life is just like that, nothing but to test each of us.

    other's weaknesses are tests for us'..

  3. but for me all nurses r stupid even more they got degree..

  4. if u dont mind, can i ask u, at now do u still become nurse or what are doing right now?..i'm nursing student