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Thursday, November 11, 2010

OT Environment

Oohh, I already start feeling exhausted. A bit exhausted lately. Maybe due to non-stop going here and there, moving here and there 24 hours 7days a week..Everyday is a fast moving day. Too many to tell, lots to share. Even I am tiring, I just keep enjoying these moments while I can still do so.

My 4th week almost comes to its end. I am progressing quite well in adapting myself to the environment (motivating statement, hihi), and I just figure out that they are tremendous outnumbered in-OT procedures and instruments to learn soon before I can go for scrubbing. So, these 2 weeks I keep my eye on the OT lists, procedures commonly done in each day, surgeons and their preferences (everyone got their own style and necessities tau), set of instrument usually used and moresss.

Enough with that first. Let me share a bit about an Operating Room setting.

The People

1. Surgeon (it can be more than one surgeon at a time, but, at my place usually only one surgeon operating each procedure, unless two procedure from 2 different diciplines are needed. According to condition of patients and their needs)

2. Scrub nurse : It can be one or two or more, depending how big the operations are. Scrub nurse means anyone who scrub into the operation field assisting the surgeon. They can be nurses or so-called Theatre Trained Technician (TTT) here in Ampang Puteri. If they are alone, they are called scrub nurse commonly, if they are more than one, they must be an assisting nurse (next to the surgeon) and intruments nurse (the one who take care of the intruments).

3. Anaesthetist : A doctor who is fully in charge in putting patient under general anaesthesia and monitoring patient till they are awake.

4. GA nurse : Nurse who is in charge in helping anaesthetist in handling and monitoring patient. They are more with the GA machine, induction drugs, and documenting patient time-to-time condition.

5. Circulating nurse @ Runner: Person who is not scrub into and in charge in helping surgeon and scrub nurse outside the sterile operation area. Here, circulating nurse is in charge on Peri-operative Care Plan (PCP) intraoperatively and also highly responsible on the charges of the procedure inside the OT.

6. General Worker : Staff in charge in non-nursing works, usually they are man because we need most of the time their strength to move, transfer, position patient and also handling heavy equipment there.

The environment.

1. OT table : high-tech table specially designed for any type of operations, any type of positionings. Placed in the middle of OR under the two big huge  lights.

2. GA machine: It is usually located at the end of OT table. It is equipped with Ventilator, O2 supplier, inductin drug machine, CO2 analyser, ECG monitoring, Spo2 monitoring.

3. Supplement trolley: Anything needed for extra request will be on the trolley. Basically OR have 2 of them, one for GA supplements, and the other is for surgical procedure.

Haaa, story too much isn't sufficient to help you imagine the real condition. You'll get the real picture by steepign inside the OT and my info might be useful then. (oohh, later, I'll ask sister wether I can take pics in OT or not)

All right, dears. That is all for now. I am writing with half eye-opened state. Hope you'll get some benefit from this entry, whether you soon will be posted to the OT or you are the one who is on the OT table, this might reduce a bit your nervouseness, hopefully..Hehee..

Then, till we meet again..

fiey ahmad
wanna write other than OT thingy next time

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