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Monday, November 1, 2010

A week in Day ward

Day ward..

Day ward is a part of the OT, where patients are admitted for a day during working hour for minor surgery purposes. They are so-called day-inpatients as in Government Hospital patients will go through Surgical Out-Patient Department (SOPD) for the same purposes.

Here, we have 9 comfortable beds arranged pleasantly in front of staff nurse’s station and equipped with wash room near to them. Typically, minor procedures are sorted already by days to ease patients, specialists and nurses as well due to application of specification here.

Tuesday and Friday is for General,  Paediatric, minor Gynaecology cases, such as Incision & Drainage (I&D), Lumpectomy, EUM Ear, Dilatation & Currettage (D&C), and many more. Monday is commonly for Orthopaedics cases such as Autologous Condition Plasma (ACP), where plasma is extracted from the patient’s own centrifuged blood, then injected back into patient’s joint area.?? This procedure is done at the patients’ bed under local anaesthesia (LA). Patients can walk away home right after the procedure when LA effect disappears.  Another procedure are Pulse Radio frequency,invasive procedure for pain management purpose, where nerve that is stimulated to restore its initial state by introducing radio frequency on the nerve. 

Wednesday is an Eye day, most of opthalmologic cases will be scheduled on this day. The most glamour eyes procedure are Phaco + IOL (Phacoemulsification and intraocular lense implant), and ECCE (ExtraCapsular Cataract Extraction). Patient undergoing these need to admit early in the morning due to requirement of pupil dilatation that take quite some time pre-procedure..

All these mentioned procedure are just a part of them. Mainly in Day Ward, documenting and paper thingy are the most significant skill there, starting from admission to discharging patients.

Then, here I did learn something as well..

Even it is a very small thing on the eyes of other people who are at par with us, it might be deeply significant to patients.. There is where Allah spots and writes down our 'points', pre-requisitely with truest niyyah..And it is not very easily done and keep it maintained, therefore, revision is always a necessary.

fiey ahmad
already in OR

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