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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I love Cartoon...!!

Watching cartoon is one of my interests, my favourite activity during leisure time.

I love cartoon since my childhood. The most adorable one is Donald Duck, in Disney World coz i think i have almost his naughty character..MOst of all, I adore his voice and his character..*hihi

Next, the most loved one is MONSTER INC. movie..The only cartoon movie I repeatedly watch it without being bored. I laugh and cry everytime watching it.So touching..

The movie is all about friendship, love and passion..~how love in friendship drives one's passion to do thier best for their loved one. No matter how difference they are. The script and plots amaze me very well and I love the whole graphic integrated in it. Last night, I shared my interest with mt three little nieces. As expected, they like it as I do.

Kung Fu Panda

Box office cartoon.

Really enjoyed the movie with the storyline and beneficial inputs in it..Lots of moral values are blended in the movie.

There is saying from Master Oogway to Pao.
"Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift..That is why it is called present"

The other significant gist in this lovely comedy adventurous movie is,

"There is no secret ingredient, what you need is to believe"

It is so because belief has strong power than we expect it could have.

I love watching cartoon is not merely for fun, but I love to search what the cartoons bring together with its story.

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