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Friday, October 8, 2010

Convocation Day 3rd October 2010

IIUM: I grew with so much things in your wonderful garden of knowledge and virtue

Mak Ayah : You both deserve this honour I receive today..In fact, you are the people who strive to give me what I have today.

thanks for being there my loves..forever love

Enough with those pic first.

What I try to share here is, convocation is not that  sooo IMPORTANT, that everybody should aim for..Convocation is just a ceremony to celebrate the newly grads where speechs are delivered, everybody is in big huge robe with square mortar board on top of the head, processions entering the hall, presentation of degrees (which is a hard file with a pic coupon and a congratulation messages), pics and more pics are snapped, and of course, tears of joy and gratefulness to delight the event. Different people have different thought and feeling about this wonderful day, and we just need to respect each other rite.

 Frankly speaking, I did enjoy my day even I got nothing special to feel for my convo a day before. It will be just an usual normal formal ceremony, and again, it seems to be nothing for me. Feelingless. haha. Then, hectic moments started when, I attended the first session for a friend, then joined the volley team for two minutes only(serve the ball while stepping on the line & awien lol ), then my sister arrived at Duta, my two younger brothers stucked in Kuantan, misunderstanding that convo is at Kuantan, and my elder sister was on their way to KL that evening, and I was like 'hehhhh'...Where to sleep, what to do, how about mobile..Haha, then, alhamdulillah, Allah had give me way. Everything ran well even I slept only for 3hours that night to fetch my two brothers at 1.30 am and the other naughty one at 5.50am..We are just like COWBOY. What I wanna say here, I was so happy that day for the attendance of my beloved people even the most important two person in my life were not there, but I can feel their existence and love.

And I do realize, no matter what, family is the most presious thing in life. Flash back: I always dreamed of running away far far far away from this blood bond, yet, Allah loves me and makes me feel so blessed with this gift of siblings. Having wonderful and painful moments together. What else that can  make me refuse thanking HIM..What else.

And I have no doubt that my thankfulness wont never enough for everything He gifts to me. Too many, too precious, too priceless..

Right after the ceremony, I do remind and keep reminding myself, this is never the end of my study journey, it is just a beginning of contributing the people around me wether I am employed or jobless. Maybe IIUM emphasized on the employment achievement, but I do learn lessons beyond that throughout 6 years of studying. Happiness, sorrow, achievement, respect, give and take, friendship, family and so many to be mentioned. It is far beyond my expectations. Even IIUM gave me pain somtimes, the amazing moments for sure would not be forgotten.

University is a huge playground

Since I was a child, study is never my first priority. Never. And so in the university, I was not a study-oriented student or so-called full time student. For me, university is always my playground as I love to enjoy playing everything IIUM got. Sports, recreational activities like kayaking and climbing/hiking, anything adventurous seems to be temptatious for a 'playful' girl like me. Involving in programs and any academic and non-academic activities is also one big portion of my campus life. I know the fact that, we are so much different from each other, but here I just to share what I have been feeling about this and what it has brought into my life.

Participating in sports since matriculation center in PJ, mainly in netball has taught me lots about GAME. Life is a game. Sports teach me how to be a good teammate, how to be a good captain, to to respect to gain respect, how to appreciate and acknowledge good things and bad things about teammate, how to grow and maintain Ukhwwah how to manage anger and frustration when we were so down, how to communicate and to inspire our friends, how to be dependent and thankful to Allah and many more.

By joining programs, I learn how to contribute, how to speak, how to make a change by words and actions, how to picture the future to be ready for anything will happen, how to accept and adapt with people who has different style of thoughts, give and take, muhasabah myself when things didnt work, how to communicate with different levels and characters of human being and so on.

Precisely, I wanna highlight here, that I learned so much priceless things about life and how to get through life well through my non-academic activities which I rarely get in my classroom. Oh,now I am directly saying classroom doesnt emphasize on this life-value thingy but accomplishment in assignment and achievement in study and exam. Students are programmed to focus on how many As and CGPA to reach most of the time. Students are sometimes not allowed to be active and participative in non-academic activities as they think they would give negative effect to the student. Like we can see in the development of babies and child,  what would happend if we stop them from playing, prohibit them to do this to do that, at the end, they'll be like 'sayur lembik' that dont know how to survive alone. I dont know whats really real in their mind when people always see it some kind of doing wrong thing being active, but I always have faith that students who are actively involve in outside-class activities have the strenghs that can bring them live well in community soon. Believe me? If you dont, try it yourself then..=)

Dont stop this people who wanna be active, yet guide them, give them advice, lead them, shape their mind and character in good ways. This should be a part of education right. This is what I see have been missing in our education course during secondary school and it is worse during the university period. Again, different people different style. I have mine and other people have thier own. Respect will come in between. Hope so.

next: who am I? where am I? what I am?

Next is a give-away phase.

The field of area where contribution of what we have gained takes place. Start to give from now on, because we are running out of time. Our age is shortened by years, by day day, by hours and by seconds. Time is like wealth, there are Barakahs in every good thing we do with our age and so otherwise.It is not significant talking about number of age... yes, age incereasing in numbers, yet, the best to be highlighted is what we have done to our golden age. No matter where no matter what, no matter when, I'll strive to give the best I have..

Dont procrastinate, lets assume that there is no tomorrow for us.

" O Allah guide my step and dony let me go astray. You' re the only who can show m ethe way, the way full with your blessings"

fiey ahmad
try to improve my english..still learning, and ready to learn

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