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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new chapter of Life

Alhamdulillah again and again..

After almost 4 months having post-graduating syndrome, I finally be here in Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. 15th October 2010 was my first day after trip to Singapore was cancelled (due to our passports were nowhere, hahha).

Alhamdulillah again and again...

I am posted as Staff Nurse in General Operation Theathre (GOT). I just dont know whether it is good or not, what i know is it is in my list of favorite areas as I dont mind working in any areas, for me nursing has lots to learn, in any areas for sure. Not to say that I am the 'NURSE TEGAR', but to always remind myself, I love the knowledge in Nursing and Medical so much, driving me so much eager to explore them more within this unknown limited time. Lets enjoy it..

1st Day

It was not much different from the 1st day clinical posting in any setting. After finishing things with Human Resource, we were brought to meet and hear wonderful inspiring words from the Chief Nursing Officer (like Matron nih), Mdm. Jamilah then seperated away to our own Department.

Haaa, unsurprisingly, we (my new wardmate Zulaikha) were welcomed with a HOT FEW MINUTES..hihi, smiled and monologued, "this is only a small thing..You got to face more than this soon, so just relax, fiey" (successfully hiding the tremendously pounding heart beat).

We took the chance to look around the OT. Nice and well-arranged..Next time, I'll share more about that. Other than that, we get to know the staffs even it was like weirdy uncomfort feeling at first (normal la kan), to be optimistic,> it'll get better and better soon.

2nd day:

Saturday I'll work only for half day. So, 830-1230pm but still got operation running on that day and luckily, I can put myself in the OT room to witness a part of the Relaparatomy op for the post-surgery adhesion at intestinal area. That was so cool, and I did learn lots that day. K.Kam (one of the staff) taught us lots and did remind me to always have the gut and passion to learn. I need to get into deeper knowledge in anatomy in order to catch up the flow of the operation, then I'll know to move accordingly.

Thanks to my families for the outstanding supports and cooperation.Thanks to fellow friends for the advices.Thanks to teachers and everybody who bring me up with those good and bad things..And a very special thanks and Alhamdulillah to Allah the Most Merciful for these days

fiey ahmad
tomorrow at recovery room

p/s: to all fellow frens, try, come and join me here..May Allah bless us all

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