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Monday, October 18, 2010

Setting in Operation Theatre (OT)

In Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, the OT is so great and well-arranged. I am so amazed stepping into it for the first time, feeling like in the Grey's Anatomy scene (exxagerative neh=P), but seriously saying, I like the setting so much, so far..hihi..( OT Temerloh also best, but a bit big>>HAUNTED, ye ke?)

Sharing is an investment.

So, here I am. I am going to share a bit about OT setting and hope it might be useful to students who will be soon posted in OT and also beneficail to people who will enter the OT for surgery purposes.

Basically, OT consists of 5 main areas which are, Patient Hold (PH), OT Rooms, Recovery room, Dayward and its own Central Sterile Supply Service (CSSS). Name of the areas depends on the institutions but normally they will carry out almost the same job. Other than that, OT has small but important areas as well such as, male/female changing room (main entrance for the staffs) tea room (so-called pantry), wash room, sterile store, rooms for doctors, anaest, perfusionist and sister, and not forgotten the most important place should be is the Bilik Sembahyang (so close inside, so clean and loveable).

According to the patient route entering the OT, it will start at the patient entrance where  OT staff nurse receives patient from ward staffnurse. Then patient will be put or hold for a while at Patient Hold. Some institutions will practice vital signs taking here, some are not. Again, it depends. Next, after everything needed is ready (OT room ready), patient will be wheeled into the OT. Right after the surgery, Recovery Area is the observation area post-surgically. Some places still use Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) for the monitoring bay. Eventually, patient will be discharged to their initial ward to have further interventions (usually surgical ward).

Nevertheless, there are special cases that not need to undergo the above route, such as day surgery-patient case. They will be admitted to the Day Ward for a day, more to simple procedure that not need close pre and post surgical observation. Discharge also be made from the Day Ward. Other than that, there are cases like ICU cases, they will be sent back to ICU right after the surgery done as their staff nurse will look more closely for them, thus no need to drop by at Recovery Area.

CSSS is a unit which also plays important roles in running the OT. Everything needed in OT procedure mostly is from CSSS. The hardworking and outstanding staffs there contribute much even most people dont realize it. Same goes to everyone who works behind the scene, lets HE the only one knows our works and intention.

Another hot place in the Ot is the OT counter, where assemble most of the staff there to look, stare, wonder, mumble at a white board. The white board tells almost everything about the flow of the operations-of-the-day. From there, people can arrange and manage what they are going to do, what are people are doing in the current time, what time people can relax and rest and so on.  Sometimes, people will smile and laugh and sometimes the board can also burn anger and stress to people seeing the workload of the day. Depends. Life got so many colors. That's what life for.

All right..That's all for now.. Later we continue ya...

p/s: wanna enjoy every moments here even knowing disasters will come soon..=)...tomorrow got long list  of orthopaedic cases. So, lets study a bit, fiey. (even I am at Recovery Area for this week)

fiey ahmad
Thanks Allah for all of these and the future.

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