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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picnic at Sekayu Waterfall

Today, 7 of my family members ( Ayie, Nor, me, Omar, Luqman, Amit and Hafiz) went to Sekayu Waterfall at Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu. It has been a decade and half, we were there with our late parents. Thank to HIM for giving us another time to be there again.From left: Luqman, me, Amit, Nor, Omar, Ayie (Hafiz was taking pic)

Having time to go for a picnic is such a great gift for our family because it rarely happens in our diary. Yet, when we have it, we try to make it great, at least for our family members. At first, our initial plan was cancelled when our sale assistant had involved in an accident last few days resulting a fracture at her clavicle bone. So, we had no choice but to cancel it yesterday because there was nobody to be at shop and today my sister, Nor needs to attend her friend wedding invitation. However, my younger siblings kept persuading us to go somewhere while they are in school break. We took pity on them as they seemed to get sulked if no activities at all (actually, it was including me).

There were words came out from my mouth when talking to her a yesterday night.

"You know what, we are having the same routine for every school holidays. I know it is a golden time for us to seek extra income for family, however, we will miss a lot of values needed for strenghtening our family bond as we lose lots before. Why not we just spend a little time and I dont see it wrong to hold the shop for a while..We also need a little rest right.." a long say from me.

"ermm..then I need to you to share your phone credit to call my friend (adjusting their plan)..she replied.

I was really happy and so did my younger siblings."Alhamdulillah..Thanks Allah.."

We really enjoyed today. We grilled chicken for lunch and it tasted good even a little bit overcooked (*huhuhu..we left it too long as we were enjoying ourselves).

I do realize, people do need a rest and break after lots of tiredness and tension. And it would be meaningful when we can share with our loved people.

Here, I would like to suggest to all, do not hesitate to have rest and take a break beacuse with those you can really enjoy what you have,you can appreciate people around you and you can see the beautiful in your life. Then..you will be thankful to HIM for this colourful life.


  1. huhu. jeles nye tgk org lain bercuti. aku cuti-cuti malaysia kat kenduri kawen org. hahaha. rasa mcm xde harapan je nk gi holiday. huhu.

    i've decided to take a break by blaja memasak kat umah. hihihi. pegang senduk pon mcm tak btol dah ni. huhu.

  2. haha..tu la ko..belaja byk2 sket..ade mase leh kami lunch kat umah ko nanti..