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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I just cant stand...

I dont know and just dont know what reasonable reasons I can give away for what I am going to write right now..

I just cant stand a man who yell like hell to a woman

I just cant bear a man who think he has authoritative power in a family then act stupidly with that thought..

I just cant face a man who treat other people like he is the only holy man in this world and others are just useless animals..

I just dont know how to respesct a man who is also a husband and a father when he just never show he is good in being those accept hurting other's feeling..

I just dont know how to react to a man whose words that come out from his mouth are full with sh**** words, blowing them to the air when he got angry..

My sis told me not to get angry or feel hard with this type of man, cause they may be sick or some kind of 'loss a bit of his consciousness'..Ok, I'll try then but still it is not an easy things to bear with.

She said further, we just cant do much when it comes to people's attitude. What we can do at least, is to PRAY and PRAY and PRAY..Because we never know exactly the power of PRAYER, but Allah already promised about the POWER OF DU'A..who knows, there will be a single touch by HIM will change him in a seconds..Allah do always provide us hope. PRAY FOR THE BEST FOR EVERYBODY

And one more thing, she mentioned it, WE ARE NOW BEING TESTED..All the things happen to us are merely tests from HIM..TESTS :to test us, test our reaction that reflects our IMAN..to test our reliance on HIM in any conditons..

O' Allah, Rabbul Jalil..the Ultimate Owner of LOVE and HAPPINESS..also the Ultimate Owner of SORROW and SADNESS..I just need you to go through this..I do have the hatred feeling right now,  towards the attitude and not to the person...

O' Allah, please give me courage, also to the people around me..To face these tests with your kind rememberances and peaceful blessings..Please shower us with your warmth love, Rahmah and Barakah and pleaseeeee, never let us gone astray and away from your close supervision...We just need you, really need you.. 

fiey ahmad
be strong ya..emotions are just another test.


  1. That's true... my mom always told me that this is a test especially if the man with the characteristics above is someone really closed to you....

    Anger is something that can make everything goes out of hand and out of control.

    "Org yg berhak untuk marah tetapi berjaya mengawalnya, di akhirat kelak dia akn jd pemimpin di kalangan ahli syurga," ~kitabul imaroh

    A short tempered person will never realized that they always put out their anger even for a very small thing and they never realized that they shouldn't hurt their love ones...

    hmmm... thanks 4 sharing this entry kak fiey.

  2. it is damn painful to have-to-live with such people..and the reality is, this type of people is increasing in number, may be it has been a long time ago, but currently I heard so much bout it..

    They are man who are supposed to give woman a protection, love, security..

    they are the LEADER as Allah always mention in HIS ayat..they should lead their family and family members..but why...

    before marriage, they were sweettalkers, everything is fine and ok and beautiful..but, after years..........hurmm..

    ntahla..hanya mampu berdoa dan berharap, akan masih ada lelaki2 yang budiman untuk keluarga dan agama..

    maaf jika masih beremosi~

  3. kadang2 kekurangan yg dimili lelaki mcm nie, kite sbg pompuan yg try utk bimbing n support dgn terbaik.jgn kite asyik mem blame diaorg andai itu kekurangannyer atau andai itu kelemahannyer.Ignoring for that person, make the situation more worsing.It rigt, as friends, as couples of someone, when we interface with this kinds of problem, alwayz ask for HIM.

  4. emi, thanks for the wise thought..

    just two cents from me, i dont blame them neither to hate them solely and i dont even mention about hatred in my post..I just cant bear with that type of attitude..

    it is the truest thing when we say we, man and woman need to complete each other but the way in it is so not easy to be imagined..

    fiey cuma berharap, lebih ramai lelaki yg lebih memimpin daripada lelaki yg diharap dan ditunggu-tunggu untuk berubah kepada lebih baik..wallahualam